So, why a cicada?

For many people in the world, the song of the cicada is one of the sounds of summer. The cicada spends most of its life quietly developing under ground. Busy, mind you. Eating, growing, moving, but quiet and unseen. Then, as the end of its life approaches, the late stage nymph digs out, climbs up a tree, and goes through its final molt. The adult which emerges now has wings and the ability to make a lot of noise. Depending on who you are, this sound is either beautiful or annoying, but everyone can agree – especially in the lazy days of summer – the song of the cicada calls out, “Wake-up! Pay attention!”

I think of the cicada in part because I have an acute interest in insects (M.S. in entomology). I don’t think only about insects, though. I also have a degree in Wildlife Biology and I teach high school biology. So much of anything in science and nature captures my attention. My interests also flow to the spiritual side of life, and the cicada is represented here as well. In mythology, the cicada embodies themes of resurrection and eternity. Seeking to bridge these interests, I currently am a graduate student in the area of Science and Religion. But mostly, I think of the cicada because I am like the cicada. I am approaching the end of my teaching career. I have been busy working, growing, developing – but quiet and unseen. At this point in my life, I think it might be a good time to make some noise.

The posts on this blog site will primarily focus on the relationship between Nature and Scripture (the two “books” in which God has revealed Himself) and between science and religion (man’s attempt to interpret and apply nature and scripture).

Our contemporary western culture is in the midst of its own “lazy days of summer” having fallen into complacency with a world view guided by material naturalism and scientism. This leaves many with little sense of purpose and meaning, and without anything in which to place their hope. To some degree, I hope this blog site can be like the song of the cicada, and stir people out of this complacency.

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